Casey Lancaster


Casey is a down to earth, eager to assist, accredited finance mortgage broker in the Central QLD region. Although new to the lending industry, Casey has been involved in assisting people her entire working life, whether through training, or mentally assisting people. Throw her passion for property and investing into the mix and you get a person that is driven, motivated and thrives on helping people achieve their financial dreams.

Casey is mentored by one of the top 10 brokers in Australia and has access to 30 different lenders.  She is proud to be part of the team and looks forward to meeting you and assisting you in being able to succeed in your financial future. 

Casey’s Story:

Before commencing at as a mortgage broker, Casey worked in the community services sector helping children and adults with day-to-day tasks. She had big ambitions as a single mum to invest in property and guide others on how to create and build their own portfolio. She thought her dreams would always remain a pipe dream, never to be pursued.

Then one day she took the leap and spoke to a team member from about buying some land. All her hard work had finally paid off and she was able to enter the market. With the help of the team at, Casey was able to build her very first investment property – a duplex.  From there she continued on and bought two more blocks of land. 

The potential and passion Casey showed in property & finance triggered conversations with the founder of about her possible future in the industry. After completion of her Mortgage Broking accreditation, Casey was convinced her purpose in life was to help people in her community to make their pipe dreams a reality. 

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