Loan Options for the Financially Stressed
Do you have a client that has multiple debts that are starting to pile up? Having issues with securing a loan with major lenders due to their debt portfolio or poor credit history?
We have lenders that can help with:
  • Consolidation of multiple number of debts
  • Consolidation of ATO tax debts and business debts
  • Consolidation of private and solicitor finance debts
  • Debt consolidation of late payments or mortgage arrears
  • Discharged bankrupt 1 day considered
  • Or Part 9 and 10 debt consolidation
Lenders Making It Easier To Lend
As new home loans are on the downturn and interest rates rise, many lenders are changing their policies to help increase the loans going out. We’re seeing policy changes such as:
  • No issue with probation
  • No minimum tenure with current employer – requiring only 6 months industry experience
  • Minimum 3 months YTD on payslips to annualise overtime, commission, and bonus income
  • Only requiring evidence of a client’s most recent bonus to use for income
  • Accepting 100% of regular allowance income
  • Acceptance of vested share income
  • Increasing the rental income they’ll consider
Cashback $$$
Cashback deals are when a mortgage lender offers you cash to entice you to refinance with them.
In a highly competitive home loan market, lenders offer cash-in-hand deals for a limited time to encourage new customers to choose them over other competitors. The lender gets a new customer, and the customer gets some cash to help take some pressure off their budget.
We have multiple lenders offering some of the lowest rates in the market PLUS up to $4,000 cashback!
Bonus – We have a lender that will accept 12 months ABN for self-employed with rates only 0.6% higher than a prime applicant!


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