Lowest Variable Rates

A super secret lender is offering discounted interest rates on their package variable and basic variable rates with a maximum LVR of 70%, offering owner occupied rates from 3.49% p.a. and investment rates from 3.74% p.a.
These rates did not increase withSeptembers cash rate change and will be reviewed in October when the RBA meet again.

LMI Waived for Registered Nurses and Midwives

A lender on our panel will be expanding their Lenders Mortgage Insurance Waiver policy for medical professionals to include registered nurses and midwives (subject to meeting minimum income threshold requirements of $90,000 per annum).

Buy Before You Sell

If you’re planning to purchase before selling, a bridging loan can enable you to purchase your next home while you wait for your house to sell.

The bridging loan serves as a bridge between your current home loan and the ongoing mortgage you will use to purchase your next house. How a bridging loan works will vary slightly depending on your situation.

When you purchase your next property, you’ll be making repayments on the bridging loan, alongside the ongoing loan. When you sell your property, then you can pay down the other portion of the bridging loan.


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