Need a faster way to refinance your home? 

FASTRefi® is a streamlined refinancing solution that’s faster and simpler than the traditional process. 

It enables lenders to fund the loan without a booked settlement, allowing you to gain access to your new loan in days, rather than weeks. 

Cashback $$$ 

We’ll continue to remind everyone we can that there are some great offers out there from many quality lenders offering $1,000-$5,000 cash to refinance with them. 

You can secure very sharp new-lending rates with a lender with great online banking facilities, and add some cash into your pocket at the same time! 

No Credit Scoring 

With rates continuing to increase, we’re seeing more defaults and arrears pop up in many loan applications. However, we have lenders that can offer very competitive rates, even when the major lenders won’t consider them. 

Here’s an application scenario that was considered as a ‘Prime’ loan with council rate arrears and commercial defaults: 


Refinance home loan $673k, 2x credit cards totaling $26k, and a personal loan $20k 

Clear council rate arrears of $4000 


Credit issues on all credit cards and a personal loan over the last 24 months, but all in order now 

Council rates behind and on a payment plan 

Credit file showed a paid commercial default for $15K from a failed business venture lodged in Jan 2020 due to Covid 


Deal approved on a Prime (lowest interest rate loan), full-doc product, 80% LVR, no risk fees 

No credit scoring 

Rate arrears cleared with new loan 



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